Why work with us?

Because we have more than 20 years experience in furniture production and factory management in Asia, and we are educated carpenters from Europe.


We know how to make it!

We Welcome our new customers from JAVA SELECTED!

Effective 1st May have KG Consultig been taking over the sourcing activities from Java Selected.




Being a consulting company, our tasks are multiple and extremely diverse. Highlighting few of our capabilities


Management training.


Improve organization efficiency.


Improve factory performance in terms of efficiency, quality and material yield.


Overcome technical issues that hinder a factory from achieving its full potential.


QC/QA systems.


HR Development and training.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Evaluation


Advice in all aspects of the factory start-up. Starting with the due diligence through layout and the actual factory construction, into the hiring and training of staff until production is running smoothly.


Due diligence for banks and investors.


Assist in incorporating foreign investment companies and all necessary permits including SVLK, FSC etc.



For a small % of your product value we can offer professional quality control service, reduced risk and no overhead cost for you.


Our inspectors are furniture professionals with many years in the industry and have held key positions in the furniture business.


We have the equipment and the technical know-how.


We are equipped with the most important tools and the technical expertise needed to perform good quality control service.


Issues of “checking/cracking” are prevalent to most furniture companies. Monitoring of the “dry film thickness” is very essential for lacquered and painted finishes. To help the companies avoid and prevent customer claims, we have an ultrasound equipment to ensure film thickness are controlled correctly and risks are held to the minimum.


Moisture control is of equal importance. We have the most appropriate and accurate moisture meters for the different jobs. If it’s pinless moisture meter (non-destructive) or it’s the pin type that can reach up to 50mm into the timber for accurate readings, we have it.